Monday, April 14, 2014

For the Strong

Moving on
is harder for the strong
the ones who don't let loose
the ones who know the entanglement,
that letting go is a system of
meticulously shifting wires
until they all disconnect and it all unwinds.

Then there are the ones, they manage
to crop up new distractions
new faces to attach to moments
and those moments stack upon moments
until all time has passed
and nothing is resolved

It takes months of
jealousy and torment
and eventually a resolve
until months,
maybe years down that line
there will be that shuttering
that promises
that pulses quickly
like a shot of adrenaline
and fireworks blast across your eyes
when you, with all your strength
can love someone new
and try your hand once more
to sparkle eternally in the solitary darkness of the self

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Morning Lumberjack

It was 7am, and we'd been lying in the darkness for three hours by then
the sun arrived through the blinds, with flecks of light glinting from the incoming warmth that glowed like a fresh tangerine spring
that bounced from scattered mirror balls loftily placed around my studio apartment

We passed the morning hours kissing, feeling each others skin, with a tremble
accompanying each fingertip, closer on towards that fresh tangerine spring glow
I awoke, tense, and frustrated, as if my neck had been unnaturally bent
for hours during the toss-and-turn night
and I felt your body, nudged tightly against mine
with your curves pressing into my body, which was stiff by then

So with outmost precaution,
I felt around, and you instinctively flinched,
brushing your matted hair to one side of the pillow and then the other
Your lips were set apart, moist,
and I raised my head to get a closer look.

Your eyes were still, calm,
like setting a blanket on a wild fire
the smoke arises and eventually simmers out
and you just got cuter with that fire simmered out

I noticed, by then, that I was holding myself
rubbing and stroking
until the last unassuming blow
set my body to pulsate
like a heart-beat in the late spring heat
with blood rushing to each perimeter of my form.


Until the calm of the morning glow
simmered the adoration
with such a profound sensation
that my stiff and aching body
suddenly cured,
fell to simmer out
just like you,
to make a nighttime out of that sweet
tangerine glow.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Tightest Waist

Fingers pressed into the waist, clutching tightly
with a gyration fueled by a racing heart
with cheeks flushed
and fingers combing through each other's hair
so many fingers, some of them mine

Kisses press and pull, then guided from the cheek and upwards behind the ear
so close that you can feel each others smiles
you can see it in each others eyes
and feel it in their skin

A cherish that does not fizzle and pop like a firework across the night
but glows as golden as the blond hair
resting on bed sheets
with strands that sometimes venture between our lips
and I desire to kiss every last one

Inconclusive in its passion
ever reaching, stretching and holding back
insatiate and romantic, keeping the heart pumping
and the blood mixing, mingling in my cheeks
which meet yours and glow

Hands gliding down slopes of flesh
and clutching tightly onto bodies
onto fabrics
and kisses on the torso
like a puzzle to solve
a combination to break

Insatiate, its a pleasant, inconclusive rest
which keeps me kissing furiously against a car
against a pillow, against the wind,
against an elevator, or all together
in the dance of hearts that are content
with an all throbbing rush of passion

Monday, March 10, 2014

That Run

There is a space of time
where every breath is short with a rush of pure oxygen
where you run to bed dizzy and collapse into the sheets laughing
eternally sixteen with a mad rush to feel.

Consider a time when you feel the urge to run at all
with fingers intertwined
as a stampede of excitement
up the staircase and into the dark bedroom night

Where the light blue sky is bright overhead
where the skin glows from the warmth of the sun
where you run to bed and awake half way through the night
naked in between sheets to kiss the cheek
softly breathing unconscious in the heat
slowly in the dark hour of a blurry electronic clock

There's a short space of time
where the hours are innumerable and end too soon
where the sunlight dims, still warm in the late afternoon,
inviting yet another trollop through the night

Where airplanes roar over head and trains honk
somewhere beyond the flickering lights of the towers
that sparkle in the darkness of the night
where a journey is a mere sentence away, a mere mention of a grand adventure
and within hours, you'll find yourself a lifetime away
from the soft breath bed sheets, slow in their sweetest hour

Remember the days of infinite possibility
where there is nothing else to worship
but the details, the lip gloss, and the scattered facial hair
when there is nothing else on this earth at all which inspires you to care

when you only count on your fingers
anniversaries, birthdays, and hours spent
carving love notes into a foggy back-seat window
with streaks of hearts and names
which dry in the morning
as a reminder of the calm that set the night before.

Tear eternally on towards the breathless bedroom
which houses nothing but a mattress,
a comforter, some scattered sheets, and pillows for two
the space is a starry-eyed oasis of joy
and honest love
with nothing else encased within it's walls.

Remember that and don't ever forget it
because with a mere mention of flight,
it'll be gone
into the flickering mystery of a lifetime
beyond the darkness of the night

Copyright © 2014 by Eddie Generazio

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


For Alessandra

You and I could run away real fast
and leave this torturous life to the past
onto a world in isolation just you and me
no need to pack, just pick up and leave,
take only what we have with us
just you, me, and our bleeding dreams
with no one else in wedged in between
as we're here finding that fire across the sea
zooming across it, wrapped up in ecstasy
cause all we need is our electricity
so take my hand and we'll go into the night
run from this scene, those flashing spot lights,
and leaving the dance floor's concrete
on through the crowds and out of door
flash past the glaring lights and far far away
flying trough this life to a brand new day
with your heels clicking like Morris code
because freedom is not a spoken word
but the feeling of flapping satin as we run
kissing like firecrackers under the midnight sun
that bleeds spontaneous like we're under the gun
and rowing along the electric sea
onto the island of you and me.
just believe and we'll be there
holding you close and smelling your hair
with your tears rattling my shattering heart
trembling in tears is how it all starts
and I wipe them away, because you know I care
and from here, you know, we can go anywhere.

Don't Stop

A psychedelic flower spins
a fortune wheel.
and slows upon circumstance
and accidents.
Kisses are psychedelic beads
that hang from doorways.
I'm sorry to hear that those doorways were hallways
that lead to others
but don't give up man
and find that finger flower
that you fiddle with
post coital
because there's a difference there
and we both know they grow
upon the chartreuse fields of the heart
now I don't mean to get sappy
but lying beneath a tree gets sticky
and sometimes we fall in love with the wrong
ones, sickly
and you find those beaded doorways led to others
but when you happen upon  
that palpitating chamber
you know that it'll be worth every fucking sigh.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Caught Up in a Girl

On my way out of the world,
fireworks lifted themselves up over the road
spraying their sparks across the gravel
lingering clouds like freeway ghosts,
watching these thoughts combust and unravel.

On a day like today
when you're haunting me a certain way
and our vibrant embers fizzle out to grey
remember that no matter where our two lives lead
I'll never lose these memories.

On my way home, the storm painted the sky
and your body crashes like lightening across mine.
So let this combustion burn us aflame
for us to dance incandescent in its rain.

Your back bent back like a bow arched to go
straight as an arrow cause your curves just flow.
Soul, Baby, Doll
best believe you're the most rockin' thing of all
now we're sweating the glitter from stars we saw
and the make up stains run across my face
let our glam celestial splendor light up this place.

We only give so much
and then we hide it all away
holding what we have left
to give another day.
Calculations and upper hands
don't make you a great woman or me a better man
but so it goes, this game that we play,
rain rigged playbook contrived and planned
stifling our desires for a more appropriate day.

Your tongue is the cotton that swabs my heart for feeling,
testing my breathe to make sure I'm alive,
and your best work only ascends while your hearts still beating,
and it rushes to a crash, while the pulse is heating.
So I pull away slow to watch the explosion in your eyes
And I get caught up in the world sometimes,
tangled in its swaying trees and vines,
like lips and spines,
and this swelling poem of mine
that throbs with laughter and pure love divine.

Let's take it slow crawl unravel of time
that rolls on sweetly onto this heart of mine.
I don't need to know right now, take it slow,
cause this love we share will not fade when you go,
but linger like ghostly clouds cruising across the night,
linger like two souls twisting so tight,
linger like my dreams for you and for me,
lingering together eternally.